Paneer Crepe

Paneer Crepe 15m    Serves 2 People Description Paneer Crepe is a Indian snacks which is made of paneer, curd, erythritol and dark chocolate. Ingredients 2 Tbsp curd 100 g Paneer 1 Tsp erythritol 1 Piece dark chocolate Preparation Method Mix paneer, curd, and sweetener into a fine paste. The batter should be in uttapam …

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Pancake 15m    Serves 4 People Description Pancake is a flat, thin, round cake which is made of a batter that may contain egg, milk and butter and it is cooked on a hot surface like frying pan often frying with oil or butter. Ingredients 1 Medium egg 1 Tsp ghee 5 Cup almond flour …

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