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There is a monthly payment system in this app. You need to have an account with PayPal or any other means of the online transaction. The payment will be credited to you by the 7th of every month.
Yes, you can surely add your personal clients to the app. This will not only benefit us but also you. It will help you to make a stronger connection with your client than before.
You can refer your colleagues to this app. You can earn an added incentive for this. Your colleague will also have an additional benefit if he/she comes through your referral.
If you are having any problem with a specific client and want to drop the client, you can definitely inform us of the reason. We will provide that client with some other therapist.
If your client leaves you in between due to any unforeseen circumstances, you will get only the proportionate payment. It can also depend on the reason why the client has left the app.