Mysore Bonda

Mysore Bonda 25m    Serves 12 People Description Mysore Bonda are crisp, soft and fluffy fritters made with urad dal (black gram), spices and fresh coconut bits. Mysore bonda are also known as Mysore bhajji Or ulundu bonda and is a popular fried snack from the mysore cuisine. Ingredients 1 Tsp salt 2 Cup curd 2 Tbsp sunflower seeds …

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Boorelu 15m    Serves 6 Boorelu     1026 Cal Description Boorelu is a classic Andhra style sweet most commonly made during festivals. Ingredients 1 Pinch salt 2 Tbsp grated coconut 8 Almonds 2 Tsp chia seed powder 1 Cardamom 2 Tbsp erythritol 2 Tbsp water 2 Tbsp sunflower seed powder 2 Tbsp water melon …

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