diabetes rice

Pumpkin Curd Rice

Pumpkin Curd Rice 25m    Serves 1 People Description Pumpkin curd is a great twist of flavour and texture incorporated with heath benefits in curd. Ingredients Salt to taste 5 Cup curd 1 Tbsp mustard seeds 3 Green chili 1 Tbsp coriander leaves 1 Tbsp curry leaves 1 Pinch asafoetida 500 g White pumpkin Preparation …

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Diabetes Rice

Diabetes Rice 07m    Serves 1 People  Description Diabetes Rice this recipes is made only with cauliflower which is most suitable for diabetes patient which controls their sugar levels. Ingredients 250 g Cauliflower Preparation Method Grate the cauliflower to create “rice”. Add grated cauliflower to a pan with 2 cups of boiling water. Cover and …

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